6 – Marketing Your Blog

After setting up your blog, the final thing to do to make your fashion blog start up on the right track is to market it. The old school way of marketing is by going out and giving flyers, renting a billboard and advertising your product using print or TV ads for more exposure and the like. But with the capabilities of the internet, you can easily market your blog through different tools.

Tips to Market Your Blog:

Join Social Media Groups

Joining social media groups is a great way of marketing your fashion blog. When you join groups though, make sure that you are joining that of the same niche as yours. Meaning to say, since you are in the fashion and blogging industry you have to join groups within Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube or Twitter which are passionate about blogging and fashion as well. You do not want to join a group that talks about cars and crankshafts.

This move actually is the modern equivalent of the term “advertising by word of mouth”. Why? Digital interaction happens when you join a group. You share best practices. You look at current trends in fashion. You get updates and links about upcoming events. You get this from people who love fashion the way you do and by being part of a social media group makes creates traffic to your site. Eventually, Google will rank you better.

You will meet other people in your industry that can expose your expertise. You will be able to share great fashion blog and have an accommodating audience. By guest blogging, you position yourself and your blog site as an authority in the industry. You, in turn, can guest post in their blogs, which leads us to the next point.



Syndicate to Other Blog

There are so many different ways to market your blog, one effective way is to syndicate your blogs to other blogs. It can be a daunting task to promote your blog on your own. It is like selling a cold lemonade on a winter night. But with the help of other blog sites, with the same niche, you can spread the word and have your blog known in the cyber world.

Content syndication is when an article, a blog post, or a comment is featured in another blog. If you have great content, your blog can be syndicated by other blogs. (This second step is only going to be successful if you have properly joined a group that can syndicate your blog). Here’s a quick and easy list of fashion blogs that accept guest contributions. Here’s how you can know if a blog is accepting guest posts:

guestblog1 guestblog2


Blogger Communities

Blogger communities are platforms where bloggers all over the world can connect with each other and share ideas and content. These are the top best blogging communities for 2014 that you can join share ideas and be educated and at the same time promote your blog.

Blog Engage – Brainchild is Brian Belfitt. It has about 3000 active members. You can build lasting blog relationships, quality backlinks and help drive traffic to your site. You can get a JustRetweet to help you increase social media presence. You can leverage your blog by building a friend network.

Just remember, by using blogger community platforms, make sure that you are joining your specific niche which is fashion blogging.


Engage Readers by Commenting

And of course, you have to promote your blog by engaging your readers.

How? Answer their questions immediately. Blogging is a two way street where you share information and readers get information. Comment on your blog. Answer their questions as soon as you can. Make your readers feel they are important and you are blogging because of them.

If they have questions which you do not know the answer, research! By engaging your readers, you get loyal readers and possibly subscribers. Share best practices. Comment on a personal level regarding current trends and viral videos or events which are of course related to your blog.


As the owner of the blog, make your presence felt.

Marketing your blog can be easy or as hard as can be. Knowing the right steps and the right tools will make you have a better and a more successful blog. Google, as a search engine not only makes it possible for you to rank high because of content but with the help of proper marketing techniques, you will be able to make your fashion blog known better and faster than expected.

Marketing your blog can be done the old fashioned way but with cutting edge tools, state of the art technology, passion for fashion blogging, you can perfectly combine these things for great marketing strategy. Never make your blogging experience a pain in the neck and let the marketing tools do the job for you. In the end, the only thing that you actually need to be putting much time on is your blogging and replying to comments on your blog.