Step 5 – Additional Plugins

Plugins are essential tools for WordPress blogging to be successful. WordPress, by itself is technically a good platform but with different plugins, your blog can more user friendly and can be more noticeable in search engines.

Install a WordPress plugin

Before beginning to install any particular plugin, make sure that you are the administrator of your site and you are working on a platform. Once you are logged in as admin, you can easily install a plugin without downloading data. You just let your mouse hover over Plugins and then click “Add New”.


You can still download plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory which has about a little less than 35,000 plugins available for installation.

It will take you to a page where you can search for different plugins available for you to install.


You can automatically install plugins by typing on the search box the plugin you want installed. Plugins are categorized by Featured, Popular, Newest and Favorites. You will also see on each plugin necessary details like the developer, number of downloads, star ratings, and its compatibility with your version of WordPress. This is very helpful as to save you time in downloading necessary plugins.


On the Plugin panel you will either see “Install Now” or “Installed” (if you have already installed that plugin in your WordPress account.) Click “Install Now” to install the desired plugin. It will prompt you with a pop up to confirm. Click “OK” to install plugin and then click “Activate:. Once installation is complete you can now manage your plugin according to your needs.


As of current listing, there are about 35,000 plugins available for download which can extend the capabilities of your WordPress blog.

With all the current available plugins for WordPress, how would you know which ones are best to install? Since plugins are developed by different developers from and outside WordPress, their functionality might be replicated which means some plugins function better than others or some are more useful than the rest.

Here are the top WordPress Plugins which I find useful for your Fashion Blog site.

Top WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

If not the most popular, this is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress. What this tool does is check the “Comments” section of your blog if they are spam or not. The system filters your blog from spam-looking comments. Akismet clears your comments section from any marketing links that other users might put there. Some users might have misleading links placed on your comments page and you would not want to be associated with spam like this. Akismet is a very useful tool that makes your blog look clean from unwanted posts.

2. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 manages multiple contact forms. You can also customize the forms with simple markup. This is a free and open source software supported through donations. If you think that you will be confused by what it actually does, you shouldn’t be because what it does is let the reader contact you by letting them put their name, email and message. This is essential to any fashion blogging site. The industry is vast and you never know who will contact you. It might be a great business opportunity.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack has great features which lets you speed up image delivery, add security to your site, customize your site with different themes and engage visitors. It is a simple and yet concise tool that does not take up additional space in your server allowing more speed in page loading. Your readers can subscribe and post comments. They can use their social network accounts to post comments which is better for both the site admin and the reader.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin is a great tool for SEOs needs. This takes care of the technicalities of optimization. What it does is lets you focus on keywords which are going to be helpful for your articles. With the help of this plugin you can concentrate on writing better content and capturing better pictures so that your blog will rank better in search engines. It also guides you with other technicalities like enabling permalinks.

5. Google Analytics by Yoast

This is a simple plugin that lets you track your blog easily and always stay on top of things when it comes to the newest features in Google Analytics.

When to Use and Not Use Plugins

Do you really need a plugin for your blog? The answer is YES! But not all plugins are to be installed. There are top rated plugins which are essential to different WordPress blogs. For your fashion blog, you can’t go wrong with the plugins listed above.

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