4 – Changing Your Theme

WordPress out of the box comes with a basic blog template that is actually decent but not very appealing to the eyes. The benefit of using a custom theme is to make your website yours. Your style, your vision, your branding, your imagery, etc. Since WordPress can be used for a multitude of purposes from blogging, professional websites for businesses, portfolio websites, eCommerce, there’s practically a theme for every kind of user out there. For our purpose though, we are looking for a blog template that is functional yet hip enough to look mainstream.

Looking for themes within WordPress

WordPress actually allows you to search for new themes within the appearance menu and furthermore lets you install them on the fly. It also allows you to search by keyword and/or to have strict filters such as having a color preference or number of columns. The benefit of this is that these themes are all free to use. The downside is that usually these themes are very basic looking and don’t offer much other than being free. I, personally, tend to stay away from these as you can find more ‘premium’ WordPress themes elsewhere. You can get to these page by going to “Appearance” and then “Themes”.

wp themes

Let’s say I type in the keyword “Fashion”. Here are some themes it returns. You have the choice of either activating them or previewing how it would look on your current website. Since these themes are not up to my standard, I will not use any of theme. Instead I will show you how to find premium themes.

wordpress themes

Where to get WordPress premium themes

Premium WordPress themes are different from standard themes in that they usually look a lot better, are developed by a professional company with support, have more features, continue to update to keep up with WordPress updates, and more. The only downside is that premium themes are usually not free and can be as cheap as a few bucks up to a hundred bucks. What you’re really paying for when it get’s expensive is continued support or a feature within the theme that you must have. Needless to say, I prefer spending the money on a premium WordPress theme if I plan to take my blog seriously and eventually into a revenue generator. After all, the first impression is the most important.

Here are a list of websites that are popular in finding premium WordPress themes:

In no order of importance or preference are some premium WordPress theme companies that come to mind. However, I have had great success with using Theme Forest in finding a few good themes. This website is using a theme from one of those companies. Can you guess which one?

Selecting a good WordPress Theme

I will look in Theme Forest since it has the largest selection of premium WordPress themes. By searching for “fashion” we are presented with a whole bunch of themes. Luckily some of the work is already cut out for us since buyers have left their ratings next to themes to give us an indication which ones to not even waste our time with. You can also search by category such as blog, magazine, entertainment, etc which might work for our situation. You can also see a brief price range of how much you’d have to pay. ~$50 is about right for a good premium WordPress theme.

theme forest demo

Here are a few good ones that I came across that may work for you.

The Fashionista theme is $40 and has a design that’s similar to Pinterest. It is responsive meaning that it will adjust automatically for tablets and smart phones too. It’s a minimalistic approach but I still prefer a traditional blog format.

fashionista wordpress theme

Another cool looking theme is Fashionic which utilizes a different design through square blocks that lead to different blog posts or pages. It’s only $45 and it’s also SEO friendly out of the box. It too is responsive so completely compatible with tablets and smartphones.

fashionic theme

I’m a fan of minimalistic themes that have lots of white space. To me it looks more elegant and less clustered. A good example of this would be the Weda & Elegance theme. In my opinion it would be a perfect fit as a fashion blog theme. It’s $40 and like the other themes, its responsive, its SEO friendly, its flexible, retina ready, easily customizable and much more.

weda elegance theme

How to install a downloaded WordPress theme

After you purchase your theme, installing it can’t be any easier. If you go back in your WordPress control panel, head to “Appearance” and then “Themes”. Along the top select “Install Themes” and then you will have to browse for the .zip folder where you saved your theme. After it’s done uploading all you need to do is select “Activate” to make it live.

install wordpress theme

The next steps…

Now that you have an awesome design, it’s time to install a few essential plugins.

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