Step 2 – Setting up Web Hosting

Once you have registered your domain from “Step 1 – Registering a Domain Name“, you must now acquire web hosting to host your website, images, videos, and any other files that will be used or displayed on your blog. The process of setting up a hosting account is not difficult. What is difficult, however, is selecting a good hosting provider. Many ‘hosting’ companies are nothing more than resellers of bigger more well known hosting companies. The problem with that is they are just a middle man between you and the actual company. Usually they’re able to charge extremely low prices but you often get what you pay for and as a result will receive poor support, low storage, bandwidth caps, and other frustrating limitations.

Preferred Web Hosting Partners

The first thing you must consider is if your fashion blog will be more of a hobby or a business. This is critical when selecting the right hosting providers. There are dedicated hosting companies for all kinds of websites ranging from personal blogs, to eCommerce websites, to even large enterprise websites. At the end of the day they all will host your website, however, price, additional features, security, uptime, and support will be the difference makers. You simply cannot afford to have a website stop functioning if your business depends on it.

blue hostIf you plan to start a fashion blog that is more of a personal website/journal then it is probably best to go with a good shared hosting company that’s much easier on the wallet. We are big fans and personally use Bluehost. They offer hosting for as low as $4.95 per month (not a typo) and offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and even offer 24/7 tech support. You simply can’t beat that kind of value if you ask me. Unlike other hosting companies, Bluehost is a very large company that hosts millions of websites and offers no hidden fees. The peace of mind is priceless here. Click here to host your website with Bluehost.

wp engineOn the other hand, if you decide to make your fashion blog a full blown business, it’s probably best to go with a more dedicated WordPress specific hosting company. There’s quite a few ‘managed” WordPress hosting companies but the one that has my business is with WP Engine. With WP Engine, the beauty of it being “managed” is that they handle a lot of the tedious and cumbersome tasks for you. For example, they will automatically back up your website daily, they’ll upgrade your website WordPress version when a new release comes out, they’ll fix your site if it’s hacked, and much more. The bottom line is that they’re WordPress experts and know it better than you ever will. Let them do what they do best which allows you to build awesome websites. WP Engine starts at $29 per month and offers a risk free 60 day trial. Click here to try out WP Engine for 60 days.

How To Setup Hosting and Link Your Domain

Since most of you will probably be creating more of a personal blog than a business off the bat, I’ll walk you through how to setup your hosting through Bluehost and then link the domain you purchased from Namecheap.

The first thing you want to do is head over to Bluehost and start the sign up process. You will be greated with a screen where you have the option of entering a new domain new or entering one you already own. Since you already have one just enter the one you just registered and make sure it’s spelled correctly before you press next.


The next step will require you to enter your account information and payment information. You will also have the option of selecting how long you wish to use Bluehost. There’s no right or wrong here as you can always renew at the end of the year but you will save money by buying two or three years in advance. The choice is up to yours. Do NOT opt for the “Pro Package” or any of those unnecessary add-ons. Un-check them all and finish up with your billing information.



Once you finish tour registration process you will receive an email from Bluehost that contains very important login information and much more. Make sure you save this email somewhere so you can refer back to it later. Now we  have to link the domain by adding it onto this account. Head over to Namecheap and log into your account. We need to set the nameservers to those of Bluehost. Nameservers basically point your domain to a web host thus linking it all together. In your welcome email you should of saw that info but usually the nameservers are and

You will have to go to the “Manage Domains” menu and then select your newly registered domain. Once selected you should see a sidebar menu with an assortment of choices. You will want to click on “Domain Name Server Setup”. At this screen you’ll want to Specify Custom DNS Servers and enter in the first box and See below for clarification. Save changes once you’re complete.


Head back over to your Bluehost and log into your control panel. Click on “Domains” along the top menu and then click on the “Assign” sub-menu. You will now enter your domain that is NOT associated with this account in the box. Bluehost should now try to verify that you are the owner and if you added in the nameservers correctly then you should the “Ownership verified” message under Step 2. Everything else past that point can remain unchanged so now you can just click on “Assign this domain” to finish.


The next steps…

We’re almost there! While this post is long and lengthy, you should now have the proper foundation for a website with a great domain selected and a reliable hosting company. Now we have to actually deploy WordPress onto our web host but freight not as that process only takes 5 minutes.

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